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Professional video for
Events, Conferences and trade shows

All with a sustainable focus.

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who we work with

"Tom was a real addition to this weekends event, bringing together videos that somehow manage to capture many elements professionally and seamlessly. He is a great person to have around - independent and with a great eye for detail.
Trust his creative judgement - he will create something fantastic!"

Lucy Fry - Operations & Events Manager, The Exchange
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Hi, I'm Tom Major.

Yep.. See what I did there... Major Tom Creative!

I'm a professional cinematic videographer with a sustainable focus on how my work contributes to helping our planet. 

I started my life in videographer as a "mobile videographer", shooting with iPhone for 18 months, working for clients in the small business, charitable and community space. I now consider myself a "hybrid shooter" - using both a Sony mirrorless setup alongside iPhone (shot in ProRes format only) 

Rewind for the 8 years prior to that I was living my previous life as a Construction Surveyor. Very little day-to-day creativity and bound to a desk most of the week. Now I've escaped I LOVE what I do and there is no turning back.

I shoot with the latest cinema camera from Sony, the FX3, Netflix approved.
 One of the best-in-class mirrorless camera setups for videography in 2022. 

Consider all of that with a sustainable and eco-friendly benefit. What's not to like?
Try something new, we won't let you down. 
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In 2022, I made the business decision to move into solely producing video content for UK events, trade shows, summits and exhibitions. 
This followed a successful relationship working with FT Live, one of the UK's leading event specialists.

I am now looking to connect with leading exhibitions centres and event organisers to continue adding value to our clients events for future participants and sponsors. 


here's a flavour...


I've partnered with Ecologi

For every project I complete I donate 200 trees in your business name.


Whilst we finish off the site, get in touch to see how we can help. 

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