There is so much more to mobile videography than just the phone itself and the list of equipment keeps growing and growing and growing! As mobile videography develops rapidly, so does the technology. We use a combination of equipment dependant on the shot.

Be it a gimbal for those smooth buttery shots, or a mobile rig for the stable handheld shot, to a traditional stationary tripod shot - what we shoot with is the same as you'd see with any "normal" video producer.

You will notice our phones do not look like normal phones. That's because we utilise the quite exceptional third party mobile lenses from Seattle based organisation called Moment. They are what inspired us to make the shift into mobile videography. We own the full catalogue of lenses, from 18mm wide lens, anamorphic for those cinematic shots and immersive 58mm tele lens.

Scroll below for some insight into the kit we use.

Are you looking for a quote for just mobile videography?
If so, you can expect cost saving of up to 25% compared to our hybrid options.
This may be of interest to you if you have a strict Marketing budget.