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Like all good videographers, we are storytellers. Creating a script, brief, storyboard, plan and execution requires the same level of detail for a short film as it is does for a corporate event. 

Our short films look to tackle real-life experiences of people and tackle difficult discussion topics such as mental health, addictions and relationships.

We then submit our films to independent film festivals from around the globe. See below our latest short films.

The Unseen

The Unseen is a film about suffering with a gambling addiction, searching to be free of this illness. The story is narrated by myself from a poem I wrote titled "A Wheel That Spins". Firstly, the wheel represents the wheel of life, living by the mantra that "life goes on". Secondly, the wheel represents the physical wheel of chance, as you see in games of roulette and slot machines. The wheel keeps on spinning - morning, noon and night.

SF3 & Luma Touch Finished on Mobile Award.png
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